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“More than just menus”

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DesignerMenus.com.au is a proudly a Australian owned and operated business, located in a custom designed and purpose-built premises.

Our company has been operating for over 10 years, initially known as Menu du Jour before evolving into DesignerMenus.com.au approximately 5 and a half years ago with the introduction of menu printing and lamination and branded t-shirts. We are a one-stop-shop for most of your restaurant, café or bar requirements, making ordering really easy and this service still continues.

After changing hands for the third time in August 2017 the current owners – Sam and Tim, worked with the previous owner for almost 3 years before taking the plunge and putting their own stamp on things while still maintaining the relationships and service you would expect.

“Book binding is a dying art but at DesignerMenus.com.au we love keeping it alive.”

The whole team takes extreme pride in the company, our name and our reputation in the marketplace producing hand crafted menu covers and folders that we are happy to put our name on.

We look forward to helping you designing the perfect menu cover for your needs and being part of your business.